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Metallography and Material Analysis allow our customers to better understand their products down to an elemental level. Sample preparation is critical to accurate, highly reliable analytical results:·      

  • we supply tools and materials used to prepare metals, metal alloys, plastics, and organic materials for analysis;
  • we supply microscopes and software for analysis;
  • we supply hardness testing instruments;
  • and, we even offer preparation and analytical services to customers who don’t have their own capability.

You can be guaranteed success with our full lab solutions supplied by the most renowned manufacturer’s in the industry.

We serve:

Medical Device Manufacturer's Electronics Manufacturer's
Semiconductor Manufacturer's Aerospace Manufacturer's
Automotive Manufacturer's

Research Institutions

Education Institutions Mineralogists & Geologists


All of which use our products for metallography and materials analysis. For help with your analysis needs please contact our applications specialists.

* If you are a customer or vendor of JH Technologies and are interested in contributing articles about a product supplied by us please contact our marketing department marketing@jhtechnologies.com or call 408-436-6336 x 302.

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