Leica S9i Stereo Microscope Encoder

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A stereo microscope encoder solution allows you to…

  • Automatically detect the zoom position
  • Perform quick and easy measurement
  • Reproduce reliable results
  • Increase your overall workflow efficiency

We are pleased to introduce the Leica S9i Stereo Microscope Encoder, an exciting new add-on for our flagship Leica S9i Stereo Microscope.

Leica S9i Stereo Microscope EncoderThe S9i Encoder features a built-in camera with up to 55X magnification and 9:1 zoom capability. As the user turns the coded knob, the encoder automatically defines magnification from the lowest limit to the highest magnification, enabling calibrated measurement throughout the entire zoom range.

The zoom slider updates dynamically and constantly reads the correct magnification of the zoom knob. In addition, the scaler bar dynamically and accurately resizes as the user changes the magnification/zoom knob.

The operator no longer needs to remember to manually enter the microscope zoom value, increasing workflow speed and ensuring a higher level of measurement certainty.

The Leica S9i Encoder is also easy to install and calibrate.

EXPERT TIP: It is always a good idea to perform a measured calibration with a NIST certified stage micrometer to ensure the highest level of measurement accuracy. The calibration wizard is easily accessible in the camera’s preferences menu.


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