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AshVision Acumen AI

Acumen AI utilizes next-generation, Ash designed and developed deep learning video analysis. Automatically identify, detect, classify, measure, and count a wide range of part defects. Implementing the power of Acumen AI will significantly increase production efficiency, eliminate human error and increase production throughout. Use the power of Acumen AI to develop your own machine learning models for your parts, for your needs, by your team.

  • Next Generation Intelligent Inspection

Acumen AI automatically identifies, detects, and classifies product defects, guides assembly operators, controls robots and colbots, generates data-driven reports, maximizes throughout, and eliminates human error.

  • PCB Inspection

Enable the power of the Acumen AI to automatically identify, detect and classify anomalies such as missing components, foreign objects, debris, solder bridges, or shorts.

  • Needle Inspection
Instantaneously detect missing components for medical device manufacturing. Ensure production quality and protect patient safety.
  • Inspecting Vials

Detect multiple defects simultaneously in real time. Eliminating human error, saving time and cost.

  • Cell Counting

Automatic cell counting using a deep learning algorithm, accelerating the traditional hemocytometer method.

  • Mite Inspection
Identify, track, and count live, moving objects for biological applications. Automatic reporting directly from Acumen AI.


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