Leica DMC 5400

  • Excellent image quality 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Fast 40 fps for quick focusing and sample positioning
  • Connects easily to most notebooks and desktop computers via USB 3.0
  • Get 4x more resolution than conventional microscope camera
  • The Leica Application Suite (LAS) and LAS X integrates Leica microscopes, macroscopes, and digital cameras into one common environment

The DMC5400 color CMOS camera offers high frame rate & high-resolution color images even at low magnification. It is optimized to produce fast, high quality images for documentation, evaluation and analysis, for a wide variety of samples and applications in manufacturing, failure analysis, quality assurance, and research

The camera produces sharp images with unsurpassed color accuracy. It is a camera for every application to record exactly what your eyes see through the microscope.

The DMC5400 camera is compatible with both versions of the Leica Application Suite software (LAS and LAS X) and its experts modules which help you to document your samples accurately..

•Sony, CMOS ExmorR Rolling Shutter, 1" sensor

•Obtain fast live images at up to 40 frames per second

•20MP Full Frame 5472 x 3468 resolution

•Plug and play USB 3.0 interface makes the camera compatible with most computers, be it notebook or desktop

•Win7, Win8/8.1, Win10 (see tech specs for software compatability).

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