Lieca DM 4 P Microscope


•Store and recall information with coded components

•Identify interesting structures

•Coded 6-fold centerable nosepiece

•Illumination and contrast management for reproducible results

•Coded conoscopy with 1.6x magnification changer

•LED illumination and Status display

•Strain-free optics and 360° rotating stage with and without 45°click stop

•Broad range of polarization equipment

•Fixed and variable compensators according to DIN 58879

Strain-free optics, LED illumination and Polarizers for optimal results

LED lights samples homogeneously and at a constant color temperature, providing a realistic impression of sample.

Identify interesting structures

Store and recall information with coded components

Get different sample information from different magnifications of the 6-objective nosepiece.

You can configure the Leica DM4 P with LED illumination either for transmitted light or incident light or with LED for both transmitted light an incident light

Leica DM4 P is ideally suited to conoscopy

• Bertrand lens for conoscopic observation of the optical axis and compensators for measurement task

•LED requires no daylight filter since the LED already provides constant light temperature of 4500 K

•Strain-free objectives with high magnification and high numerical aperture are a must for this application

•Get distinct sample information with 5 objectives on the 5-fold centerable objective revolver