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Preventative Maintenance

Our service department has extensive experience servicing and maintaining the equipment within the Leica family as well as most other brands. What that experience brings to you is peace of mind knowing the equipment can be kept in the best possible condition with our Preventative Maintenance Program. We can also provide services that would encompass other manufacturers if desired.

Our program is designed to keep the equipment functioning at the highest possible level. The following is a checklist of the steps performed during the PM visit.

Pre-cleaning inspection and evaluation:

During this step, the microscope station is checked for functionality and any potential problems

Disassembly of the microscope station into individual major components:

During this step, each major individual component such as but not limited to the boom stand, microscope carrier, ergo viewing tube, and light source will be evaluated for proper working condition or problems at the component level

Thorough cleaning of all exposed optics, filters and light source window:

During this step, the optics, filters or windows of each individual component will be evaluated and cleaned

In certain conditions, this could mean partial disassembly of individual components to reach internal contamination of optics or filters

Thorough cleaning of the exterior:

During this step, the bodies of each individual component will be thoroughly cleaned

Reassembly of microscope station and functionality check:

During this step, the individual components will be checked for full functionality during the assembly process.

All components with moving parts will be checked for proper working conditions as well as potential problem areas.

This step also certifies proper lubrication and travel of all moving parts to station design

Check and adjust parcentration and parfocality where applicable:

During this step, the station is checked to make sure that samples are viewed with proper focus and alignment

Set proper light path alignment if unit is capable:

During this step, if the microscope station has an adjustable light source, the illumination path will be checked and any required adjustments will be made

If an adjustable light source is not equipped the light path, in general, will be verified here

Camera and software functionality check:

During this step, a sample will be viewed within the camera software package to ensure the camera and software are working

Affix service label and post inspection noting any problem areas:

During this step, a service label will be applied noting next PM visit due date to comply with company/industry regulations

During this step, the microscope station will have the final functionality inspection checked off by station user

Any problems that are found during the PM procedure will be documented and presented to the department or shift manager

If any problems are found during the visit they will be discussed with the department manager or shift lead in order to describe what needs to be done to correct them. If requested, we can also provide PM (Preventative Maintenance) certificates for each of your units separately or on a master list. The PM Certificates will describe what transpired during the visit and any problems found.

Frequency for the PM service can be designed around your needs. It is highly recommended that service be done on a bi-annual basis at a minimum. This will help ensure the performance of your equipment. Service can also be done three to four times a year depending on the activity level and cleanliness of your location. Please contact our service department for more details of our services and resources.