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Tabletop Electron Microscopes (SEM)

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Tabletop (SEM) with advanced capabilities

A New Game-Changing Tabletop Electron Microscope

EM-40 - Newest Addition to the Coxem SEM Family

The EM-40 is the newest addition to the Coxem family of Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs). Building on the success of the EM-30 line, the EM-40 sets new standards for compact, benchtop, and desktop SEMs by offering you advanced features typically found only in larger, more expensive models.

5th Generation Signal Processing—High-quality imaging at frame rates up to 13 fps, and four imaging modes to suit various applications.

Versatile Imaging Capabilities—50 to 150,000x magnification, large depth of field, and selectable accelerating voltages.

Image Under Vacuum Conditions—The EM-40 is suitable for diverse applications, including materials science, energy research, life sciences, and biological imaging.

Efficient Stage and Pump Systems—The 3-axis motorized stage accommodates samples up to 55mm in diameter and 37mm in height, the rotary and turbo molecular pumps enable fast transition from loading to imaging in under 3 minutes.

NanoStation 5.0 Software—Features automated functions for simplified operation and precise image analysis.

Multi-Detector Options—Allows individual or composite imaging for comprehensive chemistry and microstructure understanding.

Enhanced Analysis Options—Optional STEM detector and CoolStage plus a wide selection of EDS and EBSD capabilities.

Multilingual Interface—Ready for a global audience.

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EM40 Tabletop SEM
Tabletop SEM

EM-40 Tabletop SEM on Sale Now

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Request a demo of the new EM-40 Tabletop SEM to explore its exceptional performance, capabilities, and compact benchtop/desktop design.

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Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope Overview

Benchtop SEM

The COXEM Series of compact Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) are an excellent option for those looking to address the needs of scientific research and microscopic examination. The Tungsten sourced COXEM products are the only Tabletop SEM systems capable of comparing favorably to CeB6 (Cerium Hexaboride) electron-sourced instruments.

When considering a desktop/benchtop/tabletop SEM, it is important to think about the overall cost of ownership, which includes not only the initial purchase price but also ongoing maintenance and service costs. The EM-30 product line is a great choice for those looking to balance cost-effectiveness with quality and performance.

The EM-30 product line, which incorporates a Tungsten electron source, is an affordable solution for most applications, providing similar results at a much lower cost of ownership. This makes the Coxem tabletop SEM cost one of the lowest in the industry.

Whether you are a researcher, scientist, or educator, COXEM tabletop SEMs are an ideal option for high-quality imaging and analysis. Their compact size makes them easy to operate and store, and offer a wide range of capabilities to meet your specific needs.

Revolutionize Your Tabletop SEM Research with  EDS and EBSD Capabilities from Coxem

In addition to offering high-quality tabletop SEMs, COXEM also provides comprehensive solutions for EDS (Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy) and EBSD (Electronic Backscatter Diffraction). While these features are typically only available in full-size systems, COXEM offers them in the compact, benchtop EM-30 Series, providing a unique combination of capabilities in a single tabletop SEM at an afforable price.

By offering both EDS and EBSD capabilities in the compact EM-30 Series, COXEM provides a unique solution that is ideal for those looking to combine high-resolution imaging with advanced analytical capabilities.

We work with all the major manufacturers of these systems including Oxford, Bruker, and EDAX. 

Contact us today to learn more about our tabletop scanning electron microscopes with EDS and EBSD capabilities, including tabletop SEM cost, and how they can benefit your research or analysis needs.

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Tabletop SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes)

Tabletop SEM - Coxem


High Resolution Tabletop SEM with Tungsten electron source and standard motorized 3-Axis XYT stage.

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bruker xflash 360


The EM-30 series compact SEM expanded to include and integrated EDS Micro-Analysis system from Bruker or Oxford Instruments.

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coxem SEM
Full Size Systems

Tabletop / Desktop SEM Accessories

STEM Detector

STEM Detector

STEM Module with dedicated imaging detector and TEM grid holder with 4 grids and EDS compatibility.

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Cold Stage

Cold Stage sample platform for EM-30 improves imaging of many polymer and  biological samples, -25° C to 50° C temperature range.

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Vibration Isolation Platform

Vibration Isolation Platform

Vibration Isolation platforms assist high magnification imaging by suppressing ambient vibrations. Multiple models available.

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Tabletop / Desktop SEM Options for EDS Micro-Analysis

bruker xflash 360

Bruker EDS for Tabletop SEM

XFlash® 630 EDS for Tabletop SEM with 30mm² and Espirit compact software.

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Oxford Compact EDS

Oxford EDS for Tabletop SEM

AZtechOne SDD EDS for tabletop SEM with 25mm² detector and Aztec software.

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EDAX Element EDS

EDAX EDS for Tabletop SEM

Element SDD EDS for Tabletop SEM with 25mm² detector and APEX™ Software.

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SEM Sample Preparation Tools


Sputter Coater

The SPT-20 Sputter Coater is a compact ion coating system ideal to support tabletop SEM.

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advanced sample preparation - Coxem CP8000

Cross Section Polisher

NEW CP-8000+ Cross Section Polisher utilizing an Argon Ion Mill prepares samples for critical cross section analysis. 

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Leica TIC3X Ion Mill

Leica TIC 3X

Leica EM TIC 3X allows the production of cross-sections and planed surfaces for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

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Tabletop SEM Pricing

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EM-30 Series Tabletop SEM Options for EDS Micro-Analysis


Oxford Xplore Compact EDS

Software platform for simple or advanced Elemental Micro-Analysis with a large 30mm² detector size.

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Mapping line

Bruker EDS or EBSD

Adding Bruker EDS or EBSD to your SEM turns it into a powerful analytical tool allowing a multitude of capabilities using advanced microanalysis features for elemental analysis.

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EDS SOftware

EDAX Element EDS

Software is an idealized program developed for first-time users with analysis functions for Point and Area Qualitative or Quantitative Elemental Analysis, Mapping, Line Scan, and built-in Reporting. APEX™ is designed with a “project” methodology.

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Tabletop / Desktop SEM Software



Surface Analysis Software for Tabletop SEM
Grain Analysis for Tabletop SEM

Oxford AZTec Grain Analysis

Tabletop scanning electron microscope (SEM) grain analysis software.

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Bruker Grain Analysis

Bruker Grain Analysis Software

Detect, measure and analyze any form of feature, and to provide its chemical classification using the high throughput capability of the XFlash® detectors.

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Aivia community

AI Imaging Analysis Software

Automate your analysis using artificial intelligence for better more reliable results

Tabletop SEM Pricing

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Tabletop Electron Microscope Video

In this video we go over the features of the Coxem desktop SEM, and compare imaging to a high-powered materials microscope. You'll like what you see!

What are the Advantages of Tabletop SEM for Microscopic Analysis?

Tabletop SEM or compact scanning electron microscopes have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to provide high-quality imaging and elemental analysis at a lower cost compared to traditional full-sized SEM systems. Let's talk the advantages of using a tabletop SEM and why it's a valuable investment for your research or quality assurance laboratory.

Tabletop SEMs are easy to use and require less infrastructure compared to full-sized systems. Companies and research groups that previously avoided SEMs due to their high cost and specialized personnel requirements can now benefit from the compact and user-friendly design of tabletop SEMs. They offer imaging, morphological, and elemental analysis capabilities that are highly useful in a variety of fields, from materials science to biology.

Not only are tabletop SEMs cost-effective, but they are also ideal for STEM outreach programs. Even middle school students with supervision can now operate electron microscopes in science programs across the country, thanks to the admirable efforts of electron microscope suppliers. It's a great educational tool that can inspire future scientists and engineers.

When it comes to buying a scanning electron microscope (SEM), buyers need to consider the capabilities of the microscope and the overall cost of the system. Beyond the initial acquisition cost, there may also be significant on-going costs for maintenance, service, facilities, and personnel. However, tabletop SEMs have a lower cost of ownership compared to full-sized systems, making them an attractive option for many laboratories.


Entry Level Tabletop BSE only XY Only under 60,000X $50K to $60K
Intermediate Tabletop BSE XY Only 100,000X $60K to $70K
High End Tabletop BSE and SE XYT or more 150,000X $70K to $80K
Tabletop with EDS BSE, SE and EDS XYT or more 150,000X $100K to $125K
Entry Level Floor Model BSE and SE XYZRT 300,000X $95K to $120K
Entry Floor Model + EDS BSE, SE and EDS XYZRT 300,000X $130K to $160K

At JH Technologies, we offer a range of tabletop SEMs that cater to your specific requirements. Our EM-30 Series incorporates a Tungsten electron source, which provides similar results to CeB6 source, but with a much lower cost of ownership, making it one of the most affordable tabletop SEMs in the industry. In addition, we also offer comprehensive solutions for EDS and EBSD, typically only available in full-sized systems, but now offered in the compact EM-30 and floor standing CX-200 Series .

Tabletop SEMs are a cost-effective solution that provides high-quality imaging and analytical capabilities. They are easy to use, require less infrastructure, and are ideal for a range of fields, from research to education. Contact JH Technologies using the form below to learn more about our tabletop SEMs, including tabletop SEM pricing and how they can benefit your research or analysis needs.

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