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Ergonomics in Microscopy

Learn the best practices in an ergonomic work place

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DVM6 M Digital Microscope with Motorized Focus, Incident Light Base

DVM6 M with Motorized Focus, Incident Light Base

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LAS X - How to Activate a Trial License

This video demonstrates how to activate trial license on LASX.

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LAS X Measurement Module

LAS X Measurement module video on how to compare the length of two lines

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Advanced Imaging with Leica's M205 C Digital Stereomicroscope


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LAS X - Fix Red and Green Flashing Screen

This video demonstrates how to fix red and green flashing screen in LAS X.

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LAS X - How to Take a Measurement

This video shows how to take a measurement in LAS X.

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LAS X - How to Update

This video shows step by step instructions on updating Leica Application Suite X 3.0.xx
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LAS X - Set Up Without a Microscope

This video demonstates steps to do a setup without a Microscope

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Leica S9i Stereo Fluorescence Microscope

The S9i Fluorescence adapter enables you to identify impurities, making it a flexible, cost-effective and valuable tool for mineralogy.

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Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter

Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter

Leica S9i Stereo Microscope Measurement

he Leica S9i Stereo Microscope Encoder enables accurate measurement throughout the full zoom range, enables reliable, accurate results and improves workflow.

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Leica MAP Software Demo | JH Technologies

This video is a brief demo of Leica Map software, a powerful, easy to use tool for surface analysis and 3D Imaging.

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Leica LAS X

Introduction video to LAS X

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