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Used Lab Equipment Sell-Off


November 1, 2022 to January 24, 2024


Get well maintained used lab equipment at up to 70% off list price.

Equipment Name

List Price Discount Final Price

Buehler IsoMet HS Pro            (B-112700)

$30,035 40%

$18,021 (Unit only.)

Buehler AutoMet 250 (B-497258) $24,587 40%

$14,753 (Unit only.)

Vibromet 2 Polisher $24,000 10%

$21,600 (New with purchase of Coxem SEM)


Ion Mill

$109,000 25%

 $81,750 Demo 

 $98,000 New

Ion Mill Leica TIC3X (16771405) $128,456 40% $89,919
(Includes the IC3X, the M80 microscope, a “standard” cross sectioning stage and will include a year of full Leica warranty .)
Buehler Petrothin $24,611 50% $12,307 (Thin sectioning system typically for gelogical samples)
Leica S7E 4ea Demo $4,010 40% $2,406 (LED 2500 base)
Leica S7E Inspection 14ea New $2850 30% $1995

Leica DM100 Education Microscope

$750 60% $300 (NEW in box)

Leica DM300 Education Microscope

$1530 50% $765 (new in box)

Leica DMS1000 Digital Microscope

$8950 $70% $2685 (encoded)

Leica  ICC50 Education Camera

$2062 60% $825.00

Too many to List - Biological, Matreials, Clinical, and Education microscopes and cameras

  50%+ discount Many products are NEW in box or barely used for trade shows and seminars

Customer Value

Customer receives well maintained equipment at a siginificantly reduced cost. Most of our equipment is less than 5 years old and has been maintained by our service team. Some items include manufacturer warranty.

Buehler IsoMet HS Pro Precision Saw
High Speed Precision Cutting Saw, Buehler Isomet Pro Sectioning saw for a large range of materials.
Ion Beam Milling System, Leica TIC 3X
Highly flexible dual beam system for faster processing.
Petrothin - Thin Sectioning System
The PetroThin Section Machine is a precise easy-to-use precision thin section cutting machine for re-sectioning and thinning a wide variety of samples, such as rocks and minerals, ceramics, concrete, bone, and teeth for performing materials characterization.
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