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Imaging & Analysis Equipment

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X-Scope 3000 X-Ray Inspection System

2D X-ray with tilt , measurement, void analysis, and more

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Leica DMi8

Leica DMi8 M Inverted Microscope

Metallograph with complete analysis capability

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Digital Microscope Leica DVM6

Leica DVM 6 Digital Microscope

Digital imaging for large and small parts featuring stitching and 3D imaging.

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Apreo 'S' Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning electron microscope for versatile, high performance materials imaging and analysis.

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Oxford EBSD and EDS for SEM

EBSD electronic backscatter detection and EDS for structural and elemental analysis.

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Leica DM4M Upright Materials Microscope

High magnification imaging and analysis

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Leica M205 C Encoded Stereo Microscope

Research grade stereo microscope for documentation and analysis

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Leica Application Suite X (LAS X)

Software for material analysis, measurement, cleanliness testing, and more

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OmniMet™ Software

Image analysis software with flexible database

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Metallography Sample Prep Equipment

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IsoMet High Speed Pro

IsoMet High Speed Pro Precision Cutting Saw

Sectioning saw for a large range of materials

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AutoMet™ 250 Grinder-Polisher

Workhorse automated grinder and polisher

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EcoMet™ 30 Semi-Automatic Grinder Polisher

New generation semi-automatic grinder-polisher

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VibroMet Grinder Polisher

VibroMet™ 2 Vibratory Polisher

Precision polishing

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PetroThin Thin Section Machinetrothin

PetroThin Thin Section Machine

Precision thin-section tool for geological samples

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Leica TIC 3x Ion Beam Milling System

Highly flexible dual beam system for faster processing

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Leica EM TXP Target Preparation Device

Quickly prepare samples prior to ion milling reducing production time

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Leica ACE 600 High Vacuum Sputter Coater

Coating system capable of sputtering 2 different materials

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Hardness Testing

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Wilson® VH 1202 Micro Hardness Testers

Wilson® VH 1202 Micro Hardness Testers

Versatile hardness tester

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